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There are several ways to find a therapist.
Here are some Options:
  1. Contact a therapist office that is in an accessible location to you- have you walked past one in your neighborhood, seen one along your bus line, or driven past an office on your way to work or school?
  1. Call your insurance provider (the number should be listed on the back of the card).  They will be able to give you the name of some clinics that are in-network with you plan. [hint- many clinics take most insurance, so don’t feel limited by the list that your insurance gives you].
  1. Use a therapist search engine to find a therapist in your area.  We will walk you through how to use www.psychologytoday.com (this is our fave way!)
    • Go to website and click “find a therapist”, then enter in your city or zip code
    • Use side tab (on left) to specify which insurance you have by clicking on it
      • View our “How does insurance work?” guide
    • Scroll down and click on the reason why you are seeking therapy (under “issue”)
    • Filter any other information that you would like to specify regarding what type of therapist you want to work with (specific age, language, faith, etc.)
    • Consider what type of therapy you would like (art therapy, trauma, culturally sensitive, somatic, strength-based, person-centered, etc)
    • Read through provider bios.
      • Our suggestions: find someone with a bio really speaks to you, be weary of a practitioner who has a million “specialties” listed (a jack of all trades is a master of none).
    • Choose a therapist, send them an email or give them a phone call
      • Be aware that just because you contact them doesn’t mean that they will have an open availability to be able to see you
    • Assess the best with a free 15 minute phone consultation (many therapists will offer that) and/or throughout your first appointment with them
      • Its ok to ask questions and to “interview” them as well regarding the way they practice, their experience, the methods that they use in therapy, and any other questions you may have
      • View our “What to expect in therapy” guide.
    • Good luck, and happy healing!
4. If you are interested in seeking services from Root to Crown Healing & Wellness, you can email us at info@RootToCrownHealing.com

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